We’ve been working with Drapers for a while now, and I thought it was worth passing on some of the feedback I am hearing.  At present, our team look forward to working on Drapers sites, for all the right reasons:

  • The team greet, welcome and include our guys in a polite and professional manner, without exception.
  • Safety is regarded as it should be, highest priority.
  • The sites are orderly and ready to go. The effort made to be prepared for our works is noted and appreciated.
  • Contact is maintained throughout the day with our crews.
  • The team is willing to work collaboratively and address issues that may arise.

I have had the same experience with project managers/engineers.


Having sat on the “client side” before, I know people are quick to point out when you get it wrong, but not so much when you get it right.  Thought you should know….