We’ve been working with Drapers for a while now, and I thought it was worth passing on some of the feedback I am hearing.  At present, our team look forward to working on Drapers sites, for all the right reasons:

  • The team greet, welcome and include our guys in a polite and professional manner, without exception.
  • Safety is regarded as it should be, highest priority.
  • The sites are orderly and ready to go. The effort made to be prepared for our works is noted and appreciated.
  • Contact is maintained throughout the day with our crews.
  • The team is willing to work collaboratively and address issues that may arise.

I have had the same experience with project managers/engineers.


Having sat on the “client side” before, I know people are quick to point out when you get it wrong, but not so much when you get it right.  Thought you should know….

Paul HowleyBusiness Development Manager

Horseshoe Bend Road / Burvilles Rd – Back open to traffic

Hi Matt and Chris,

Council Subdivision Inspector Mario Arcoraci has just informed me that the Horseshoe Bend /Burvilles Rd intersection upgrade is now complete and that the roads have been re-opened to traffic.

The Lutheran College, amongst others, were pleased to hear the news and, once again, thanks to Drapers Civil for keeping the project on track; even a few days ahead of schedule.

Laurie RussellSenior Infrastructure Development Engineer

Grossmans Estate , Torquay

You have delivered a quality job throughout all stages of the project and we have really appreciated your hard work, diligence and how easy you guys are to deal with.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with you.


Samantha TaylorKPMG

I write in appreciation for your contribution to the “Frequency Project” at Grovedale College on the 5th of June.

It was a fantastic day which surpassed all expectations. Over 300 people turned up to work hard in revamping the entire college, working from early in the morning, until late in the evening. The school community is absolutely thrilled with the way the school turned out, extending their deep appreciation to all those businesses that played a vital part in helping the day occur. Your contribution is a sign that there are healthy partnerships in the Geelong community, uniting for some worthwhile causes.

Please find enclosed a certificate as a small token of our appreciation and thanks to your business.

If you would like any other details of the day, or information about Bayside Christian Church, Grovedale College Chaplaincy Team, or Baycare Geelong Limited, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thanks again for partnering with us.

Beth ShinglesProject Coordinator, Grovedale College

Gas Mains Renewals

Tony, your crew arrived bright and early and work late to complete my project in a big day !! A big thank-you to all concerned. All of the workers were very courteous and professional from start to finish . Any passerby couldn’t tell there had been underground works carried out after they had left at the end of the day as everything was cleaned up so well. Please look after your crew they are gold ! Cheers Glenn Welch

Glenn WelchLocal Resident